Thursday, 5 November 2009

November the 5th

Yesterday was my birthday and this morning the world is dusted in white. I'm reasonably sure these two things are not related.

As a special treat for my birthday we had lunch in the Malvina. The food there really is quite something and the presentation is out of this world. Hard to believe we are in a town of only 2500 people (or so). The squid is divine, seriously.

For an encore we did a dump run, which in this town involves fire. You drag your trailer to the dump area, tip the stuff out then pour on petrol and WUMPH. Very satisfying.

Today is also polling day in the Falklands, where the Islanders elect there local council representives. The run up as been the topic of non stop (and rather heated) discussion since we arrived.

Friday, 30 October 2009


Last night I stabbed myself with a sheet of lasagne. There was blood everywhere (but not, thankfully, not in the lasagne (but in retrospect ok there were no vegetarians coming for dinner anyway, so it would not have been THAT much of a tragedy)).

The reason the lasagne was apparently razor sharp was nothing to do with Waitrose finest but actually because I'd managed to singe my fingertips on the mower at the weekend, and the ensuing disappearance of the blisters left my digits just a tad on the vulnerable side (one good episode of Lassie and they would have been blubbing).

Curiously, my burned fingers were not the only casualties of that day, our new car window also had its window bashed in.

It went something like this:

It's true what they say, no good deed goes unpunished.

This is our shiny new trailer – 8 x 5 with 4 ft cage with ramps at the back for access...
The trailer story.

We were clearing up the garden for the dogs (in a snow squall - obviously)

A cyclist decided to hack along the road without looking where he was going (cos it was snowing).
I was in the trailer with a rusted oil drum ‘bit’.
Brian was dragging trees to the trailer.
I saw the cyclist.
I screamed at the cyclist.
The cyclist was listening to his iPod.
I screamed at the cyclist EVEN LOUDER.
The cyclist looked up.
No-one heard what the cyclist said.
The cyclist had a multi choice quiz:
a)swerve right and miss the trailer
b)go straight on and hit the trailer
c)swerve left and go up the ramp into the trailer
The cyclist chose ‘C’.
This was the wrong choice.
The cyclist went up the ramp into the trailer.
The cyclist missed me.
The cyclist missed the rusty oil drum with the jaggedy edges.
The cyclist hit the tree branches.
The bicycle stopped.
The cyclist did not have an air-bag.
The cyclist did not have a seatbelt.
The cyclist did not stop.
The cyclist did a backflip over the handlebars.
The cyclist did a backflip over the 4ft cage.
The cyclist hit the backdoor of the Land Cruiser.
The cyclist’s foot smashed the rear window.
The cyclist stopped.
The cyclist dribbled to the ground.

The car will take a month to repair.

The trailer story: The result.

Curiously, after we picked the cyclist up and assessed that there was, astonishingly, no real damage (apart from ripped trews), all he said was "Hello, you must be Kerri".

Only in the Falklands.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Farewell Tigh Gadhar

After seven fabulous years, we are off to pastures new. We have had many laughs and tears here, and there are so many memories we will treasure.

The morning of the move, we really felt it was over when the dogs went off to spend the day with friends. It's true, a house without dogs is not a home.

The dogs have left the building.

Farewell Tigh Gadhar, a very special place.
Farewell Tigh Gadhar

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Eventful friday 26th June

We exchanged on the house.
We resigned.
We like it!

Now we are fully committed. Oops!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Well it was bound to happen wasn't it?

Since Brian's company moved to new premises they have little white swipe cards.

I have one too.

So neither of us could get into our offices this morning.

'nuff said.

(made us laugh though...)

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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Somewhere this makes sense

1) Set the alarm for 2:30 AM Sunday 21st June.
2) Get up
3) Drive to airfield:

4) Get in plane:

5) Take off at 4:15 to fly to stonehenge:

6) Wait for dawn (ok - no real sun show - it was a bit cloudy):

7) Then fly back to the airfield for a huge brekky

daft, but fun.

8) go home and cook second brekky for houseguests......

9) remember to reset alarm for normal waking time.

Thursday, 20 March 2008


will be the death of me.

But on a lighter note, spring has most definitely sprung, despite the arctic blasts we are promised for the easter weekend.

This poor magnolia ALWAYS flowers before the last frosts and get's clobbered, so lets enjoy it now while we can :-)

And Nazila sent me ducks (and chocolates.) But the dressed up ducks are quite something...